Karczma u Macieja
Hotel - Restauracja 24h

Sady Dolne 5
59-420 Bolków
Nearby village, Sady Dolne, along the national no. 5 Wroc³aw - Jelenia Góra road, just outside
the Bolków Castle, there is an shingle-roofed inn called Maciej's. It is a place which often
witnesses joyful meetings and wedding receptions. Here our guests can find not just delicious
meals and drinks but they can  truly experience old - Polish dishes served accordingly to Polish
centuries-long traditions and customs.
At Maciej's every guest is attended by friendly and professional staff. Traveling families can
relax here and taste our home-made cakes. Our meals let you forget about daily fatigue and our
drinks surely can mitigate your sadness or drive your worries and problems away.
For those who have already visited our inn, we say "Thank you for being with us." For those
who have not visited us yet, we say "Welcome!"
Without your presence and satisfaction, we do not exist.
"Come to us, see and try and I'm sure you won't leave us until the night is over."
Our inn has two beautiful halls. One of them is called  "the estaurant hall" and it can
accommodate 85 people. The second one is called  "the reception hall" and it can seat  130
guests. We also offer 86 beds in single or double rooms with TV and the wireless Internet. We
also give you possibility to organise different courses, conferences, trainings or outdoor
events at our inn.
Both the inn and the parking space are monitored.