Karczma u Macieja
Hotel - Restauracja 24h

Sady Dolne 5
59-420 Bolków
Attractions of Maciej's Inn
Our Maciej's Inn is not usual. It changes the idea of an ordinary
restaurant or hotel. Its location lets rest and gives respite from
everyday duties.What we offer is not just hotel facilities and
special dishes, we give you something more. You can find here
the peace of Polish country and fresh air. You may also learn
how to ride a horse or rest on a tropical beach with body of
overlooking water. You can spend the evenings on our outside
terrace and use the grill-bar.
For those who are enamored with tourism and who wish to
experience the secrets of our region better, we suggest visiting
the Bolków Castle with its 25 meter- high tower. The castle has
become famous for its annual festivals, which attract gothic
music fans, and therefore it has established itself as the Castle
Party. It is one of the major music events in Central Europe.
Nevertheless, the castle is now really worth seeing  not only for
those who love Gothic music.
Another place that cannot be omitted is the "the Pearl" of Lower
Silesia - the Książ Castle. Who has not heard about the Flowers
and Art Festivals which take place there?  This exhibition
attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year.
While staying at Maciej'sInn you may also venture to other
attractions worth seeing such as two Unesco list exquisite
baroque Peace Churches in Swidnica and Jawor, Multi-colored
Lakes near Kamienna Góra, or the Monuments miniature Park in
Those whose interests are tickled by the history of the Second
World War should direct their attention to Rogożnica where you
can visit the Gross-Rosen Museum. It is a Nazi concentration
camp built in August 1940. Another place that should be visited
is the complex of the Third Reich underground factories. Now,
the "Riese" complex availables three tourist routes: Walimskie
Mains Museum, Osówka - Underground City, and Włodarz -
belived to be designed as Hitler's underground secret
As you can see, our inn is an excellent place from which you can
launch a sightseeing tour of any of above and we can assure you
that we will be waiting for you with a hot meal and a place for rest
before you start yet a new excursion.